AEP Ohio Transco proposes 138-kV rebuild project

AEP Ohio Transmission Company, on Sept. 15, filed with the Ohio Power Siting Board (OPSB) a letter of notification (LON) for the Good Hope­–Harrison #2 (Good Hope-Structure 206) 138-kV Transmission Line Rebuild Project, which is located in Fairfield and Hocking counties in Ohio.

As discussed with OPSB staff and in response to input received in connection with the filing of the Good Hope–Harrison LON, this is the second LON related to the project described in a pre-application notification letter that was filed in August, the company said.

According to the Sept. 15 LON, the project involves rebuilding – within an existing right of way – about 14.4 miles of existing 138-kV transmission line between the Good Hope switch and the existing Structure 206 of the Poston–Harrison 138-kV line. It is the second phase of construction for the overall 29.5-mile rebuild project between the Good Hope switch and Harrison station, and is identified as part of PJM Interconnection Reference Number B2256.

Discussing the project’s need, the company said that as part of the 2017 Regional Transmission Expansion Plan (RTEP), PJM identified several N-1-1 contingency violations requiring upgrades to remediate, including loading above 100% of emergency capability on the Delano–Scioto Trail 138-kV branch and Scioto Trail–Scippo 138-kV branch.

To correct those violations, the company said that it proposed a new project to upgrade the entire 138-kV transmission line from the Harrison station in southern Columbus to the Ross station in Chillicothe, which includes this project. PJM confirmed that this project corrects the cited violations, made the project mandatory, and assigned to AEP Ohio Transco the responsibility to make the required changes.

Project construction is scheduled to begin this November, and the project has an anticipated in-service date of December 2018, the company added. The total 2016 capital cost estimate for the entire Good Hope–Harrison line rebuild, which includes the proposed project, is about $5.4m, the company said.

Among other things, the company said that a notice of intent will be filed with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency for authorization of construction storm water discharges, and there are no other known local, state or federal requirements that must be met prior to commencement of the proposed project.

AEP Ohio Transco is part of American Electric Power (NYSE:AEP).

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