NRC remains a top performer in government survey

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission remains a top place to work in the federal government, according to the recently released U.S. Office of Personnel Management (OPM) 2016 Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) results, exceeding government-wide results in a number of key areas, NRC said Oct. 7.

“We continue to meet the challenges facing the agency while maintaining a clear focus on safety and security, and carrying out our core mission of protecting public health and safety,” said NRC

Chairman Stephen G. Burns. “I am pleased that the NRC continues to score in the top tiers in most areas, despite a slight decline in other areas. This survey is an important tool in providing useful information to help us continually improve as a place to work.”

Burns added that with the changing environment ahead, it is important that the NRC continues to address employee feedback by encouraging specific improvement initiatives and related action planning at office- and agency-wide levels throughout the NRC.

The NRC ranked within the top 10 medium-size agencies (1,000 to 9,999 employees) in the areas of global satisfaction and employee engagement. NRC staff provided positive responses to the majority of questions, consistently scoring well above government averages on all OPM’s major indices – employee engagement, global satisfaction, and diversity and inclusion, also known as the new inclusion quotient (IQ).

The NRC employee engagement score was 74 percent, compared to 62 percent government wide with the agency ranking fifth overall. Employee engagement summarizes the results of several indices in the survey, measuring areas where agencies can focus to promote an engaged workforce. The agency score in global satisfaction was 71 percent compared to 62 percent government wide. Global satisfaction measures employee satisfaction as it relates to job, organization, and pay, as well as willingness to recommend their agency to others as a good place to work. The agency’s overall “new IQ” score was 68 percent, compared to the average of 58 percent.

Overall, the NRC’s FEVS participation rate was 62 percent, exceeding the 46 percent government-wide response rate. The NRC uses these survey results to identify improvement opportunities, while helping to build a stronger agency culture.