Canadian Hydropower Association applauds carbon price plan

OTTAWA, Oct. 5, 2016 /CNW/ – The Canadian Hydropower Association congratulates Prime Minister Trudeau and his government for their leadership in addressing the climate change challenge. On Monday, Canada’s government announced that it will set a minimum national price for carbon pollution beginning in 2018 to meet its Paris Climate Agreement targets. A minimum federal price of $10 per metric ton will be set in 2018, rising by $10 each year to $50 per ton in 2022.

Jacob Irving, President of the Canadian Hydropower Association, noted the following regarding the announcement:

“Canada is already the world’s 3rd largest hydropower producer and could still more than double its current capacity. If this market signal proves successful and encourages the development of new clean and renewable electricity generation, hydropower will be ready to respond. Hydropower is ready to help Canada meet its international commitments and drive our already low greenhouse gas emissions down even further. The Canadian Hydropower Association has consistently advocated for the pricing of Carbon in Canadasince the inception of our organization”.

The plan calls for a minimum price in all regions of the country while accommodating the various provincial pricing mechanisms currently in place. Challenges will need to be addressed before the plan can be fully functional. We are looking forward to working with the government of Canada as the plan is be refined, legislated and implemented.

This announcement marks a new era for our country. It will increase the recognition and promotion of what already makes our electricity system one of the cleanest in the world. Hydropower, representing more than 60% of our electricity, already plays the lead role in providing clean and renewable power to millions of Canadians and businesses. With leadership and new plan, comes a unique opportunity to bring more renewables onto our grid while protecting the environment and growing the Canadian economy.

About the Canadian Hydropower Association

Founded in 1998, the CHA is the national association dedicated to representing the interests of the hydropower industry. Its principal mandate is to promote hydropower nationally and internationally as a source of renewable energy, to make the economic and environmental advantages of hydropower better known, and to publicize the benefits of hydropower in the search for sustainable energy solutions. CHA members represent more than 95% of the hydropower capacity in Canada.