Duke Energy Progress seeks approval for transmission tap line associated with solar project

Duke Energy Progress on Sept. 22 filed with the North Carolina Utilities Commission (NCUC) an application for a certificate of environmental compatibility and public convenience and necessity to build a new 230-kV transmission tap line in Bladen County, N.C.

The new 400-foot line would connect Innovative Solar’s new 40-MW solar facility in Bladen County to Duke Energy Progress’ existing Cumberland to Delco 230-kV transmission line in Bladen County. Innovative Solar plans to build a new 230-kV/25-kV substation adjacent to the Cumberland to Delco 230-kV line. A Duke Energy Progress 230-kV breaker station will be built immediately adjacent to the Innovative Solar substation, the company added in its application.

The new tap line would be built to connect the Innovative Solar substation to the Duke Energy Progress 230-kV line, the company said.

The total estimated project costs for the line is about $968,000, the company said.

Among other things, the company said that the line would have no significant short- or long-term effects on the environment, and that the selected route for the line minimizes impacts to environmental resources, cultural resources, land use, and aesthetics by residing in a scrubby planted pine flatwoods area.

The NCUC is authorized to waive notice and hearing requirements when it finds that owners of the land to be crossed by the proposed transmission line do not object to such waiver and the line is less than one mile long. The proposed transmission tap line satisfies those requirements, and the right of way has been acquired from the property owner, the company added.
Duke Energy’s (NYSE:DUK) Duke Energy Progress requested that the NCUC waive the notice and hearing requirements in relation to the proposed tap line.

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