Duke Energy joins Terrestrial Energy’s industrial advisory board

Duke Energy has joined the Corporate Industrial Advisory Board of Terrestrial Energy, a vendor of next-generation nuclear power plants. Duke Energy is the largest electric utility company in the United States, and owns and operates six nuclear power stations in North and South Carolina. It joins other members from the electric utility industry as well as other industries on this board, including Southern Nuclear Operating Company, Ontario Power Generation, Public Service Enterprise Group and Energy Northwest – all operators of nuclear power stations in North America. Duke Energy is represented on the board by Bill Pitesa, its Chief Nuclear Officer.

Terrestrial Energy has formed the Corporate Industrial Advisory Board to enable current and future operators of nuclear power plants to advise it on a timely basis, of design, construction and operational considerations of end users as it progresses through engineering of the first commercial IMSR™ power and heat plants.

Terrestrial Energy is developing a next-generation nuclear reactor based on its Integral Molten Salt Reactor (IMSR™) technology.