Atlantic Wind advances on 100-MW Deer River wind project in N.Y.

Atlantic Wind LLC, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Avangrid Renewables LLC, on Sept. 2 filed with the New York State Public Service Commission the latest revision of its Public Involvement Program (PIP) plan for the 100-MW Deer River project.

The company is proposing to submit an application to construct a major electric generating facility under Article 10 of the Public Service Law (PSL). Under the rules of the New York State Board on Electric Generation Siting and the Environment, applicants proposing to submit an application to construct such a facility under Article 10 must submit a PIP plan. The PIP must be submitted to the Department of Public Service (DPS) for review at least 150 days prior to filing a Preliminary Scoping Statement (PSS).

The Deer River Wind Farm Project is a 100-MW facility to be located in the Towns of Pinckney, Harrisburg, and Montague in Lewis County, New York. The electrical interconnection location may be located in the adjacent Town of Rodman, Jefferson County. Avangrid has developed over 50 wind farms in the United States alone including two in New York State: Maple Ridge and Hardscrabble.

The proposed project area covers approximately 44.24 square miles. During the development phase of the project, Atlantic Wind will lease approximately 8,000 acres of land, which will be spread out over this larger project area. However, once the project is constructed, the proposed permanent improvements would utilize less than 100 acres, where turbines, collection lines, roads and facility components are constructed and buffers around these features are maintained.

The proposed project includes the installation and operation of up to 40 wind turbines, together with the associated collection lines (below grade and overhead), access roads, meteorological towers, and operation and maintenance (O&M) building. To deliver electricity to the New York State grid, the applicant proposes to construct a collection substation adjacent to a National Grid interconnection switching station, located in the Town of Rodman, Jefferson County, which will interconnect with National Grid’s Lighthouse Hill to Black River 115-kV transmission line. It is anticipated that a 34.5-kV collection line will extend approximately six miles from the collection substation to the generation site.

The Deer River Wind Farm Project will have a nameplate capacity of 100 MW, and is expected to operate at an annual net capacity factor (NCF) of approximately 32%. This means that over the course of a full calendar year the project would produce up to 280,000 megawatt hours (MWh) of energy (i.e., 100 MW x 24 hrs/day x 365 days x 32%).

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