NRC seeks comment on draft EIS for Reno Creek uranium project

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission is asking the public to comment on a draft report on the environmental impacts from a new uranium recovery facility proposed for Wright, Wyo., in Campbell County. The report contains the NRC’s preliminary conclusion that the environmental impacts of the Reno Creek in situ uranium recovery facility would not preclude issuing a license to operate for 20 years.

AUC LLC applied in October 2012 for the license necessary to build, operate and ultimately decommission the proposed facility. Reno Creek would use the in situ leach process to recover uranium from underground ore and convert the recovered uranium into yellowcake for use in the production of nuclear fuel.

The NRC draft report analyzes environmental impacts specific to the Reno Creek site, and mitigation strategies to reduce or avoid adverse effects on the surrounding environment. The staff is conducting a separate technical review to analyze safety aspects of the application. The NRC expects to complete that review by Sept. 30.

The NRC published a notice asking for comments in the July 7 Federal Register. The notice includes details on how to submit comments. On July 21, the NRC extended the comment period until September 6. More information on the application can be found on the NRC’s website.