Extension sought for Wisconsin regulators to take final action on ATC’s proposed rebuild project

The administrator for the Public Service Commission (PSC) of Wisconsin’s Division of Energy Regulation, in a July 5 memorandum to the PSC chairperson, requested an extension for the PSC to take final action on American Transmission Company’s (ATC) application for its proposed rebuild project.

As noted in the memorandum, ATC in February requested a certificate of authority (CA) to rebuild about 25 miles of the existing 69-kV transmission line between the existing Boscobel substation in the city of Boscobel in Grant County, Wis., and the Lone Rock substation in the town of Buena Vista in Richland County, Wis., at a total estimated cost of $32.4m.

Other than rerouting the line in two segments for a total distance of about nine miles, the existing line would be rebuilt within its existing right of way (ROW), the memorandum said.

The PSC in April served a notice of investigation. The memorandum further noted that unless the PSC takes final action on a CA application for which no hearing is held no later than 90 days after the PSC issues a notice opening a docket on the application, the application is deemed approved by law and the CA is issued. In this case, the 90-day deadline expires on July 20. However, the memorandum added, the chairperson, for good cause, may extend the time for action for no more than an additional 90 days.

“Commission staff is working diligently on its review so that the commission can take final action on this application as soon as practicable,” the administrator said. “However, given the scope of this project and its potential impacts on sensitive resources, including a crossing of the Wisconsin River, I respectfully request that the time period be extended for an additional 90 days. Additional time beyond a 90-day schedule is necessary to complete commission staff’s environmental and statutory review processes of this proposed project.”

Because of the nature of the unique resources in which the project would be built, it has been determined that the PSC will treat the project as a “Type II” action and prepare an environmental assessment regarding the proposed project to determine if an environmental impact statement is warranted, the memorandum said.

ATC does not object to the request, the administrator said, adding that staff anticipates that only a short portion of the 90-day extension would be used before the PSC takes final action in the docket.

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