Upstate New York group wants to keep Exelon reactors operating

Following news that an affiliate of Exelon (NYSE:EXC) could close the Ginna and Nine Mile Pont nuclear plants prematurely, a representative of Upstate Energy Jobs (USJ) is saying the nuclear power is key to meeting clean energy goals.

Oswego County Industrial Development Agency CEO Michael Treadwell, who is also a member of Upstate Energy Jobs coalition, issued a June 15 statement stressing the importance of Nine Mile Point 1 in making Clean Energy Standard of Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D) a reality.

The CES mandates that 50% of all electricity consumed in New York by 2030 come from clean and renewable energy sources and would properly credit upstate nuclear plants for their carbon-free power.

“Nine Mile Point 1, and the thousands of families and jobs it supports, as well as the surrounding community, and our state, needs regulators to implement the CES as soon as possible,” Treadwell said.

“We are very close to the finish line in this regulatory process, and the news that the plant could shut down without the CES is a reminder that the state’s economic and environmental future is now at stake,” Treadwell said.

“If New York is serious about obtaining cleaner air and maintaining our economic health, which state leaders and energy stakeholders have said they are, then they should incent the outcome.  The timely issuance of a Clean Energy Standard that would value nuclear for its environmental contributions will do exactly that,” Treadwell said.

The Upstate Energy Jobs group has also urged continued operation of the Entergy (NYSE:ETR) Fitzpatrick nuclear plant. Entergy has announced plans to retire the Fitzpatrick

“Upstate New York’s three nuclear energy plants – including the FitzPatrick Nuclear Power Plant and Nine Mile Point Nuclear Generating Station in Oswego County and Ginna Nuclear Generating Station in Wayne County – help power New York and provide jobs, clean air and reliable energy,” according to UEJ’s website.

Exelon’s Constellation Energy Nuclear Group made a filing with the New York State Public Service Commission (NYSPSC) on June 13. It was a response to the request for an extension of the deadline to file comments filed on June 9 by multiple intervenors in the case.

“CENG must make critical business decisions by the end of September 2016, regarding the future of the Nuclear Generators, and those decisions cannot take into account a Clean Energy Standard (‘CES’) proposal that is merely speculative,” Exelon said in the filing.

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