Sunpreme commissions solar project at California school

SAN FRANCISCO, June 20, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Martin Luther King (MLK) Jr School is one of the most energy efficient schools in the country.

Although providing a safe and productive learning environment was the paramount goal of the project, energy efficiency and energy conservation were areas of intense focus during the planning. The 600 kilowatt solar PV system with Sunpreme Bifacial Panels was commissioned in Q2 2016.  It is one of the largest school rooftops bifacial PV deployment. Sunpreme offers high performance panels with advanced bifacial technology — that allows PV panels to absorb light from both sides, increasing energy yield (kWh per kWp) further. The system will do more than just help the school control its electric bill – it will provide a centerpiece to the holistic approach of environmental stewardship and contribute to the school’s LEED platinum certification.

“There was only one panel design capable of meeting the energy production requirements within the constraints of available rooftop space, timeframe and cost efficiencies required for MLK School. We chose Sunpreme Bifacial Panels for their smart technical solution and higher energy production, proven product reliability and outstanding aesthetics. Over 1,500 panels of Sunpreme Maxima GxB370, 72 Cell with bifacial advantage – were installed to meet the project requirements. Sunpreme has demonstrated that it is a reliable partner, with innovative products and truly professional customer support,” said Stuart Rentz, CivicSolar’s President.

“We at Sunpreme are proud to partner with CivicSolar and the MLK School in Cambridge, MA on this large rooftop PV plant, a benchmark in a sophisticated urban setting. Our Bifacial panels are among the most powerful available, delivering space-effective as well as cost-effective solutions to the distributed power market. Building up on a strong foundation of designed-in Quality, we leverage our proprietary Hybrid Cell Technology for Performance, and an innovative lean manufacturing process for Cost,” saidAshok Sinha, Sunpreme’s Chairman and CEO.

“We are privileged to have partnered with CivicSolar in making Sunpreme GxB370 Bifacial panels available to prestigious MLK School. It is extremely rewarding to enable significant operational savings and significantly lower carbon footprint while inspiring students with the great solar power,” said Surinder S. Bedi, Executive Vice President, Global Quality & Reliability, System Products and Market Development at Sunpreme. “Sunpreme has historically offered one of the most reliable solar panels – certified to withstand challenging environmental solutions ranging from extreme hot to cold, snow load, hail stones and wind resistance. By focusing on smart technologies we are able to deliver best designed bifacial panels, outstanding system performance and lifetime yields — with Lowest Cost per kWh. We look forward to continuing to provide a top quality product and best-in-class customer experience,” added Bedi.  

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