Georgia Power places CA05 module for Vogtle Unit 4

ATLANTA, June 28, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Georgia Power announced today the latest milestone in the construction of Vogtle 3 & 4 near Waynesboro, Georgia – the safe placement of the CA05 module for Unit 4. The module, which is nearly 27-feet high and weighs 90-tons or 180,000 pounds, is housed within the Unit 4 containment building. The CA05 module is comprised of eight reinforced steel plates which are welded together and will be filled with concrete to provide structural support for the containment building. In addition to providing structural support, the protective walls of CA05 will also separate various rooms in containment.

The placement of the CA05 module is one of many recent construction milestones at the site. Other recently completed milestones include the placement of the KBO4 module in the Unit 4 auxiliary building. KBO4, which is designed to process and discharge waste gas, is the first mechanical module to be installed in the Unit 4 nuclear island. In addition, workers recently completed the placement of 230 cubic yards of concrete within the Unit 3 nuclear island, which prepares it for the next round of shield building panel installation.

The Vogtle project is the state’s largest job-producing construction project with more than 5,000 construction workers onsite and 800 permanent jobs expected once the new units begin operation. Once all four units are online, Plant Vogtle is expected to generate more electricity than any other U.S. nuclear facility, enough to power more than one million homes and businesses.  

The projected overall peak rate impact of the Vogtle nuclear expansion continues to be significantly less than when the project was originally certified due to lower financing rates, other benefits the company has proactively pursued and the fuel savings of nuclear.  The company projects that, even with the new costs and schedule forecast, the peak rate impact will be approximately 6 to 7 percent – which is nearly half of the original rate impact forecast. Of this, approximately 4.5 percent is already in rates. Once the new units come online, they are expected to put downward pressure on rates and deliver long-term savings for Georgia customers.

About Georgia Power
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