FERC readies enviro review for Columbia Gulf’s Gulf XPress pipeline project

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on June 2 opened the scoping process where it will take input on what should be covered in an environmental impact statement (EIS) on the Gulf XPress Project (GXP) involving construction and operation of facilities by Columbia Gulf Transmission LLC in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Mississippi.

The commission will use this EIS in its decision-making process to determine whether the project is in the public convenience and necessity. Scoping comments will be take until July 5.

The GXP would increase the existing transportation capacity of Columbia Gulf’s system by about 860,000 dekatherms per day of natural gas. The project is necessary to provide additional pipeline capacity to meet contracted-for firm transportation demand. The proposed facilities would enable shippers the opportunity to transport natural gas to Gulf Coast high-demand markets, markets in Mississippi and Louisiana that are accessible through delivery points along Columbia Gulf’s system, and markets accessible through other interstate pipeline connected to Columbia Gulf’s system. Columbia Gulf has entered into binding precedent agreements for 100% of the GXP capacity.

For the GXP, Columbia Gulf proposes to construct, operate, and maintain seven new natural gas-fired turbine-driven compressor stations:

  • the Morehead Compressor Station, a 44,800-horsepower (hp) station in Rowan County, Kentucky;
  • the Paint Lick Compressor Station, a 41,000-hp facility in Garrard County, Kentucky;
  • the Goodluck Compressor Station, a 31,8000-hp station in Metcalfe County, Kentucky;
  • the Cane Ridge Compressor Station, a 41,000-hp station in Davidson County, Tennessee;
  • the Clifton Junction Compressor Station, a 31,800-hp facility in Wayne County, Tennessee;
  • the New Albany Compressor Station, a 31,800-hp station in Union County, Mississippi; and
  • the Holcomb Compressor Station, a 31,800-hp station in Grenada County, Mississippi.

The GXP would also involve:

  • installation of an additional 15,900 hp of compression at the anticipated Grayson Compressor Station in Carter County, Kentucky; and
  • demolition and construction of a new flow control building to upgrade flow control capabilities at the existing Leach C Meter Station in Boyd County, Kentucky.

All new compressor stations would include: a building to house the compressors; filter/separator and gas cooling equipment; suction and discharge piping; and appurtenant facilities. All stations would be fenced and include a permanent access road.