Moniz urges continued work on ITER fusion reactor

Dr. Jeff Quintenz, Senior Vice President of General Atomics’ Energy Group, issued the following statement on Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz’s report released May 26 recommending continued U.S. support for ITER, the world’s largest magnetic fusion device designed to prove the feasibility of fusion as a large-scale and carbon-free source of energy based on the same principle that powers our sunand stars:

“General Atomics applauds Secretary Moniz’s recommendation to continue U. S. support for ITER in today’s report. We are proud to be participants in this major international project whose goal is to demonstrate that nuclear fusion can be harnessed to provide a near limitless, safe source of clean energy for our world.

The success of this important project requires continued U. S. support and the technical contributions of some of our best scientists and engineers.

Secretary Moniz’s report highlighted the significant progress made recently at ITER and emphasized that ITER remains our best option for demonstrating sustained burning plasma, which, as he states, is ‘a necessary precursor to demonstrating fusion energy power.’”

General Atomics is involved in the building of several omponents for ITER. When completely assembled, the five-story, 2 million pound magnet will drive 15 million amps of electrical current, enough to light 15 million light bulbs, to create the forces necessary to compress ITER’s plasma producing approximately 500MW of fusion power.

ITER’s success will prove that nuclear fusion can produce virtually limitless safe, clean and renewable energy, General Atomics said.