760 tons of new equipment placed at Vogtle Unit 3

Georgia Power today announced the placement of more than 760 tons of major components within the turbine island for Vogtle Unit 3 – the stator assembly and the deaerator.

The stator assembly, which includes the stator and the stator housing, weighs more than 460 tons. The component was constructed in Japan and represents two of the four major subcomponents of the main generator. 

The stator is a stationary component of the main generator that works together with the rotor and exciter to generate electricity.

The main generator for Plant Vogtle Unit 3 will have a total energy output of 1,117 megawatts and provide enough carbon-free energy to serve hundreds of thousands of Georgia Power customers.

The 303-ton deaerator, developed in South Korea, is nearly 145 feet long and approximately 20 feet high and is one of the largest single pieces of equipment to be installed in the turbine building. The deaerator serves as a purification system for feedwater, removing minerals and other deposits, reducing plant maintenance and operating costs and preventing corrosion. Both pieces were lifted into place by the heavy lift derrick, one of the largest cranes in the world.

In addition to the recent placements, progress continues throughout the site with multiple milestones achieved within the last 30 days. Other major, recent construction achievements include the safe placement of six new shield building panels for Unit 3, delivery of the first of eight reactor coolant pumps and continued progress on the Unit 4 cooling tower which is nearing a completed height of 601 feet.