Virginia SCC: Comments on Dominion Virginia Power’s application regarding 500-kV rebuild project due in June

Comments on Virginia Electric and Power’s (Dominion Virginia Power) application for its proposed rebuild of an existing 500-kV line are to be filed with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) clerk by June 15, the SCC said in its March 30 order for notice and comment.

As TransmissionHub reported, the company said in its March 2 application filed with the SCC that it is planning to rebuild, entirely within its existing right of way (ROW), about 32.7 miles of its existing 500-kV Cunningham–Dooms Line #534 transmission line in Fluvanna, Albemarle and Augusta counties.

The line runs between the company’s existing Cunningham switching station in Fluvanna County and its existing Dooms substation in Augusta County.

The in-service date for the rebuild project is anticipated to be in the summer – starting June 1 – of 2019, and the estimated total cost of the project is about $59m, of which about $58.5m is for transmission line construction work. The estimated cost of work at the Cunningham station is $245,000, and $246,000 at the Dooms substation. The company added that those cost estimates are in 2015 dollars.

Dominion Virginia Power said that the rebuild project is necessary to assure that the company can continue to provide reliable electric service consistent with mandatory NERC reliability standards for transmission facilities and the company’s transmission planning criteria. The company also noted that the line provides service to its transmission system in the western and central regions of Virginia, and is a critical component of the electric transmission grid that serves Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, the District of Columbia and beyond.

In its March 30 order, the SCC said that the company is to publish – by May 2, in two successive weeks – a notice about the project as display advertising in a newspaper or newspapers of general circulation in Fluvanna, Albemarle and Augusta counties.

In that notice, the route for the project is described as originating in Augusta County at the company’s existing Dooms substation (located about 1,000 feet east of U.S. Route 340 and about 700 feet north of SR 611) and heading generally southeastward for about 32 miles before turning southwest for 0.6 mile.

The existing ROW for the Cunningham–Dooms Line crosses these roads in Augusta County: SR 611, SR 622, Rip Rap Road and Skyline Drive.

The notice further stated that the existing ROW for the Cunningham–Dooms Line crosses these roads in Albemarle County: Beagle Gap Road, SR 691 (Greenwood Road), Shamrock Farm Road, Interstate 64, U.S. Route 250 (Rockfish Gap Turnpike), SR 824 (Patterson Mill Lane), SR 824, SR 688 (Midway Road), SR 688, SR 635 (Miller School Road), SR 635, SR 637 (Dick Woods Road), SR 689 (Pounding Creek Road), SR 696 (Edge V alley Road), SR 710 (Taylors Gap Road), SR 696, U.S. Route 29 (Monacan Trail Road), SR 760 (Red Hill School Road), Stoneycrest Lane, SR 708 (Red Hill Road), SR 631 (Old Lynchburg Road), SR 20 (Scottsville Road), SR 627 (Carters Mountain Road), SR 795 (Blenheim Road), Presidents Road, Blenheim Ridge Rd, Eyeland Drive, SR 708 (Secretary’s Road), SR 618 (Jefferson Mill Road), and Rolling Road.

Once in Fluvanna County, the existing ROW for the Cunningham–Dooms Line crosses these roads: SR 619 (Ruritan Lake Road), Rock Lane, and SR 761 (Branch Road). After SR 761 is crossed, the Cunningham–Dooms Line makes a sharp turn and generally travels in a southwest direction for about 0.6 mile before terminating at the company’s existing Cunningham station. The access road to the Cunningham station is off SR 761.

All distances and directions are approximate, the notice added.

The SCC said in its order that any interested person may file by June 15 a written request for a hearing. Also, staff is to file by July 14 with the SCC clerk a staff report containing its findings and recommendations, and is to serve a copy of that report on counsel for the company and all respondents.

The SCC also said that the company may file by July 28 with the SCC clerk and serve on the staff, as well as all parties, any response in rebuttal to the staff report and any comments filed in the proceeding.

Dominion Virginia Power is a subsidiary of Dominion Resources (NYSE:D).

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