Chief hearing examiner grants SCC staff’s motion on alternatives for Dominion Virginia Power’s proposed line

A Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) chief hearing examiner, in an April 12 ruling, said that the “Remington-Pratts Alternatives” will not be considered further in the proceeding involving Virginia Electric and Power’s (Dominion Virginia Power) proposed Remington–Gordonsville 230-kV double circuit transmission line.

As noted in the ruling, Dominion Virginia Power last November filed an application with the SCC for a certificate of public convenience and necessity for the proposed line. The company proposed to build, entirely along and primarily within existing right of way (ROW), about 38.2 miles of 230-kV Remington–Gordonsville Line #2153 in Fauquier, Culpeper, Orange and Albemarle counties between its existing Remington substation in Fauquier County and the existing Gordonsville substation in Albemarle County. The company also proposed to build and install associated 230-kV facilities at its Gordonsville and Remington substations.

The company proposed two variations of an electrical solution that would connect the existing Remington substation to a new switching station in the vicinity of Rappahannock Electric Cooperative’s existing Pratts delivery point in Madison County, Va., (the Remington-Pratts Alternatives).

The hearing examiner noted that SCC staff on April 1 filed a motion for expedited summary ruling that the proposed Remington-Pratts Alternatives should not continue as part of the proceeding. Staff asserted that the Remington-Pratts Alternatives are procedurally unique in that they do not, in and of themselves, constitute electrical solutions for the loading problems in the area. Instead, they rely upon a rebuild of FirstEnergy’s (NYSE:FE) facilities by FirstEnergy, which is not a party to the proceeding and has not agreed, or in any way represented that it would agree, to rebuild the required component of the Remington-Pratts Alternatives.

The hearing examiner added that staff contends that the Remington-Pratts Alternatives fail to address the identified need unless all required components are built.

In response to the staff’s motion, Madison and Orange counties, among others, stated their support for the motion, while the company said that it does not object to the motion.

“I agree with staff’s contention that the Remington-Pratts Alternatives fail to address the identified need unless all required components are built, and some of those components are beyond the company’s control to build,” the hearing examiner said. “The Remington-Pratts Alternatives are not electrically viable without a commitment from FirstEnergy to rebuild components within its control, and the application before the commission contains no commitment from FirstEnergy to rebuild those components.”

The hearing examiner said that staff’s motion is granted.

Dominion Virginia Power is a subsidiary of Dominion Resources (NYSE:D).

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