Virginia SCC: Comments on Dominion Virginia Power’s rebuild project may be filed by May 3

Comments, as well as written requests for a hearing, on Virginia Electric and Power’s d/b/a Dominion Virginia Power’s application regarding a 230-kV rebuild project may be filed with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) by May 3, the SCC said in a Feb. 22 order for notice and comment.

As noted in the SCC’s order, Dominion Virginia Power last month filed with the SCC an application for approval and for a certificate of public convenience and necessity to build and operate electric transmission lines in the City of Suffolk, Va. The company has proposed to rebuild about 1.3 miles of existing double-circuit 230-kV transmission lines, Surry–Yadkin Line #223 and Churchland–Surry Line #226, located between the Harbour View substation and Smithfield substation in Suffolk, Va. The SCC added that the proposed project, which would be built using the right of way (ROW) for the existing transmission lines, would replace a total of seven electric transmission towers located in, or on the banks of, the Nansemond River and would replace the conductors of the existing lines.

The proposed project would replace five double-circuit, galvanized steel suspension-type lattice towers in the river with five double-circuit, galvanized steel lattice towers that would be located about 60 feet south of the existing towers. The SCC also said that that the new towers would be built with taller foundations and would be about eight to 14 feet taller, on average, than the existing towers that would be replaced. The proposed project would also replace one existing double deadend-type tower on each side of the river with a galvanized steel, double deadend-type monopole structure.

The SCC added that as part of the proposed project, the company would also replace 1.3 miles of three-phased 721 (18/19) ACAR twin-bundled conductors of Lines #223 and #226 with 1.3 miles of three-phased 768 ACSS/TW/HS-285 (20/7) twin-bundled conductors.

According to the application, the proposed project is needed to maintain the structural integrity and reliability of the company’s transmission system and perform needed maintenance on its existing facilities. The SCC also noted that according to the company, the river and riverbank structures, which were originally installed in the late 1960s, must be replaced to address the risk associated with their age and condition.

The in-service date for the proposed project is early 2017, and the company estimates the total capital cost of the proposed project to be about $19.2m, the SCC said.

As discussed in a notice to the public included in the order, the proposed route for the project is the approximately 1.3-mile corridor currently occupied by the existing 230-kV lines. Including the additional 0.7 mile being used in conjunction with the fiber replacement, the proposed project route originates west of Crittenden Road (SR 628) in Suffolk and heads east/south east for about 0.6 mile where it crosses the river for about 1.3 miles. Upon coming ashore on the eastern bank of the river, the notice added, Line #223/226 turns due east and continues for another 0.2 mile, crossing Bridge Road (US 17).

The SCC said that its staff is to file a report by May 17 containing its findings and recommendations, and the company may file by May 27 any response in rebuttal to that report, as well as any comments filed by interested persons in the proceeding.

Dominion Virginia Power is a subsidiary of Dominion Resources (NYSE:D).

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