NYPA wins EPRI award assessing social cost of carbon

The New York Power Authority has received an Electric Power Research Institute Technology Transfer award for research that contributes to the understanding of the social cost of carbon emissions.

John Kahabka, NYPA vice president of Environmental Health and Safety and a resident of Newburgh, led both efforts on behalf of NYPA and accepted the awards earlier this month.

Kahabka participated in an analysis of the methodologies used by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for determining the social costs of carbon dioxide emissions. The EPRI team examined the modeling undertaken by federal agencies and identified several flaws. The team presented its findings at the climate change summit meetings last year in Paris.

Kahabka also received a second Technology Transfer award for his leadership and support of EPRI’s Occupational Health and Safety Research Conference held last May.

“We are proud of NYPA’s contribution to industry research generally, but particularly in the important areas of climate change and worker safety,” said Gil C. Quiniones, NYPA president and CEO, who also serves as EPRI chairman.

EPRI presented its 2015 Technology Transfer Awards for Environment R&D to 47 individuals representing 24 electric companies on March 1.

“The 2015 Technology Transfer Award winners made significant achievements in applying EPRI research results, or acting as champions of EPRI research programs,” said Anda Ray, senior vice president, energy, environment and external relations and chief sustainability officer at EPRI.  “The collaboration of these teams and individuals enables the industry to continuously improve and enhance power delivery for the benefit of their stakeholders and society.”