FERC to hold technical conference on grid interconnection issues

In response to several petitions and cases pending at FERC regarding grid interconnections, FERC on March 29 said it will hold a technical conference to explore various issues.

The technical conference is scheduled for May 13 at FERC’s headquarters in Washington, D.C.

FERC noted that the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) submitted a petition for rulemaking in 2015 that sought to improve the generator interconnection process. In that petition (Docket No. RM15-21) AWEA said that FERC’s previous generator interconnection reforms had positive results, more than 10 years have passed since the commission looked broadly at whether interconnection procedures remain consistent with statutory mandates.

Because market conditions have changed, various aspects of FERC’s interconnection procedures are out of date and result in delays, higher costs and impose barriers to the development of new generation resources, AWEA said.

At the technical conference (Docket No. RM 16-12), FERC said it will explore other grid interconnection issues, including those involving energy storage projects.  

“Discussions at the conference may involve issues raised in proceedings that are currently pending before the commission,” FERC said in the March 29 notice.

Among the proceedings listed are several involving the Midcontinent ISO (MISO). In the most recent case, MISO on March 9 proposed a tariff revision for generator interconnections to improve the processing of interconnection agreements. The proposal followed discussions with stakeholders, including MISO’s Interconnection Process Task Force, MISO told FERC.