Dominion Virginia Power proposes rebuild project in Virginia

Virginia Electric and Power (Dominion Virginia Power), in a Jan. 20 application filed with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC), said it is proposing to rebuild, entirely within existing right of way (ROW), 1.3 miles of existing double circuit 230-kV transmission lines, Surry–Yadkin Line #223 and Churchland–Surry Line #226, located between the Harbour View substation and the Smithfield substation in Suffolk, Va.

The company said that there is an immediate and current need for the rebuild project to assure that the company can continue to provide reliable electric transmission service consistent with the company’s obligation under Virginia law to serve retail electric customers in its exclusive service territory.

The company said it anticipates that the rebuild project could be in service by early 2017, subject to SCC approval and outage scheduling. The estimated total cost of the proposed rebuild project, which assumes completion by early 2017, is about $19.2m (2015 dollars). The company also said that there is no station work associated with the rebuild project.

The company noted that that for the rebuild project, it proposes to replace five existing 230-kV double circuit suspension-type lattice towers located in the Nansemond River that support Line #223 and #226. The existing structures are galvanized steel and were originally built in the late 1960s, the company said, adding that the five replacement structures will be located about 60 feet south of the existing structures, centerline to centerline.

One 230-kV double circuit, weathering steel, double deadend type tower on each bank of the Nansemond River will be removed and replaced with a galvanized steel, double deadend type monopole. The monopole structure will be located about 60 feet south of the existing structures on each riverbank, resulting in a total replacement of seven existing structures with seven new structures.

The company also said that in addition to the structure replacement, it proposes to replace 1.3 miles of the existing three-phased 721 (18/19) ACAR twin-bundled conductors of Line #223 and #226 with 1.3 miles of three-phased 768 ACSS/TW/HS-285 (20/7) twin-bundled conductors. One span of existing three-phased 721 (18/19) ACAR twin-bundled conductors will be transferred to each proposed riverbank structure. The transferred conductor will be mechanically spliced to the proposed conductor to energize the two 230-kV lines.

Among other things, the company said that given the availability of existing ROW and the statutory preference given to the use of existing ROWs, and because additional costs and environmental impacts would be associated with the acquisition and construction of new ROW, the company did not consider any alternate routes for the rebuild project.

Dominion Virginia Power is a subsidiary of Dominion Resources (NYSE:D).