BPA to rebuild short transmission line in Washington as muni adds substation

The Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) plans to spend roughly $1.38m to replace poles and wire on a 2.5-mile segment of transmission line in Spokane Valley, Wash., a BPA spokesperson told TransmissionHub March 3.

The rebuild of the 115-kV line is expected to be completed by July 1, the spokesperson said.

BPA is rebuilding the segment to maintain safe and reliable operations as it was originally built in the 1950s, and to accommodate the grid improvements of municipal utility Vera Water and Power in Spokane Valley in eastern Washington, according to a summary of the work on BPA’s website.

Vera Water and Power, which serves about 10,000 customers in Spokane Valley, a suburb of Spokane, Wash., has hired construction contractor Power City to start work on a new substation – the Sullivan substation – on the corner of 16th Ave., and Sullivan Road, the utility said in a Feb. 23 statement.

Construction of the new substation is to begin in March, with a planned energization in July, the utility said. About 3,000 customers will be served from the new substation once it is installed.

Vera Water and Power did not provide a cost estimate for the substation addition, which is designed to accommodate load growth in the area.

Construction of the Vera Tap Transmission Line rebuild by BPA is scheduled to begin April 4, and BPA has awarded a contract to Michaels Power for the rebuild work, Vera Water and Power said.

BPA held an informal public meeting for property owners in February to learn more about possible construction impacts and the project schedule, BPA said in its summary of the project.

BPA will replace wood poles, and all hardware on the transmission line, as well as the conductor on the 2.5-mile segment, BPA said.

Construction will take place between the intersection of South Sullivan Road and East Sprague Avenue to the existing Vera substation at the corner of 36th Ave. and Sullivan Road, BPA said in its summary of the project.