West Penn Power seeks approval for line extensions to new substation

FirstEnergy’s (NYSE:FE) West Penn Power, in a Jan. 26 letter of notification filed with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC), requested approval to build the North Fayette–Smith 138-kV Transmission Line Extensions to Joffre Substation Project.

The construction includes removal of one existing H-Frame tangent structure and installation of two new dead-end 3-pole wood structures and two new single steel pole structures in order to connect the existing North Fayette–Smith 138-kV transmission line to the new Joffre substation.

The company added that the project, which is needed to ensure that the transmission system can be operated reliably, will be located in Smith Township, Washington County, about 0.5 mile southwest of the intersection of Creek Road and Harmon Creek Road.

The company requested that the PUC approve the letter of notification by March 10 in order to prepare for construction to begin by May 1; the required in-service is Dec. 1.

The total cost for the transmission facility work associated with the project is estimated to be $1.3m, the company said.

The project will extend a loop from the existing North Fayette–Smith 138-kV line about 950 feet to the Joffre substation creating the Joffre–Smith 138-kV and Joffre–North Fayette 138-kV transmission line circuits. The new 3-pole 138-kV wood structures will be about 70 feet in height and directly embedded into the ground. The company added that the new steel pole 138-kV structures will be about 101 feet in height and installed on caisson foundations.

The project will be conducted within property owned by De Terra and within the easement obtained by West Penn Power on said property in Smith Township, the company said, adding that all necessary property rights for the project have been obtained.

Discussing the project’s need, the company said that PJM Interconnection and FirstEnergy have identified N-1 contingency planning criteria voltage violations in the Burgettstown, Pa., area.

As part of the required PJM baseline upgrades, Trans-Allegheny Interstate Line Company will build the Joffre substation, which will consist of two 138-kV Static VAR Compensator (SVC) and has been assigned baseline RTEP numbers b2547.1, b2547.3, and b2547.4 by PJM. The proposed new transmission line extension will connect the Joffre substation to the existing North Fayette–Smith 138-kV transmission line and has been assigned baseline upgrade ID b2547.2 by PJM, West Penn Power added.

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