Wabash Power to supply temporary boilers to healthcare facility

WHEELING, Ill., Feb. 1, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — Wabash Power Equipment Company, one of the leading industrial rental boiler companies in the world, recently worked with Boldt Construction on a project to supply four new 82,500 PPH rental boilers to a Midwestern healthcare campus. The campus will utilize the four boilers, each with an economizer, to supply continuous, reliable steam long term while the facility decommissions an existing coal fired power plant. The boilers are equipped with Low NOx burners using flue gas recirculation, and while they will primarily fire natural gas, each is capable of firing #2 fuel oil as well.

According to Michael Pfeiler, President of Wabash Power, the facility chose to work with Wabash because of the quality of their rental fleet and the transparency demonstrated throughout the bidding process. “As is the case with all our projects, Wabash Power provided objective and continuous support to our customer. Our engineering driven approach allowed Boldt construction and the design team to understand how Wabash Power’s equipment was best fit for the campus,” Pfeiler said. “Customers are always going to have questions about their project, and whether the answer is simple or requires explanation, they can be sure that the entire Wabash Power team is by their side.”

To ensure reliability, the four rental boilers are connected by a mini-master control system designed and supplied by Wabash Power. Wabash is working with refineries, chemical facilities, paper mills, universities, hospitals, and many other industries to minimize or eliminate downtime completely when using temporary steam equipment. For over 65 years, the Wabash Power team has supplied innovative solutions with the best technology available to support their customers.

Wabash Power is a leading supplier of boilers and power generation equipment. With the largest and newest fleet of 75,000 PPH and 82,500 PPH trailer mounted rental boilers, Wabash can respond to any steam need worldwide. Wabash Power also stocks several large packaged watertube boilers ranging from 100,000 PPH to 300,000 PPH with both saturated and superheated steam capabilities. Wabash Power can supply the right equipment right now. Visit http://wabashpower.com to learn more about rental boilers and large packaged boilers to fit your project.