Public hearing to be held on March 23 on Dominion Virginia Power’s proposed rebuild project

A public local hearing will be convened on March 23 in Alexandria, Va., to receive testimony on Virginia Electric and Power’s (Dominion Virginia Power’s) application for approval and for a certificate of public convenience and necessity for the proposed transmission line rebuild of 230-kV double-circuit lines #204 and #220, the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) said in a Feb. 11 order.

As noted in the order, the company proposes to rebuild, entirely within existing right of way (ROW), about 2.6 miles of existing 230-kV transmission lines: the Jefferson Street–Gum Springs Line #204 and Ox–Gum Springs Line #220, located entirely in Fairfax County, Va.

According to a notice to the public that the SCC said the company is to publish by March 9, the proposed route for the rebuild project is the approximately 2.6-mile corridor currently occupied by the existing two parallel double-circuit 230-kV Lines #204 and 220. That route originates at the company’s existing Belvoir substation in Fairfax County and heads southeast for about 750 feet and then turns northeast in a straight line for about 2.2 miles. The lines then turn east for about 485 feet terminating at the company’s existing Gum Springs substation.

The proposed in-service date for the proposed project is next December, the SCC said, adding that the project’s proposed total cost is $10.4m.

According to the company, the proposed project is necessary for the company to maintain the structural integrity and reliability of its transmission system. The SCC added that the company further noted in its application that the proposed project is necessary to maintain reliable electric service to its customers in the area and to perform needed maintenance on its existing facilities.

The SCC noted that its staff has requested the Office of Wetlands & Stream Protection of the state Department of Environmental Quality to provide a wetland impacts consultation for the proposed project. Staff has also requested the DEQ to coordinate an environmental review of the proposed project by the appropriate agencies and to provide a report on the review.

Among other things, the SCC said that a public evidentiary hearing on the application is to be convened on June 15 in the SCC’s courtroom in Richmond, Va.

Dominion Virginia Power is a subsidiary of Dominion Resources (NYSE:D).

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