Oncor Electric Delivery files proposed notice of approval for 138-kV line

Oncor Electric Delivery, with the consent and approval of Public Utility Commission (PUC) of Texas staff, on Jan. 28 filed a proposed notice of approval with the PUC for the McKenzie Draw–Texaco Mabee 138-kV transmission line in Andrews and Martin counties in Texas.

As noted in the company’s filing, Oncor last November filed an application to amend its certificate of convenience and necessity for the project.

As TransmissionHub reported, staff on Jan. 22 recommended that the PUC approve Oncor’s application for the construction of the proposed project.

As noted in the Jan. 28 filing, the proposed double-circuit transmission line connecting the proposed McKenzie Draw switching station, to be located in Martin County about 26.5 miles northwest of Midland, Texas, on the west side of U.S. Highway 349, to Oncor’s existing Texaco Mabee substation in Andrews County, located about 17 miles northwest of Midland.

The proposed project includes construction of the McKenzie Draw switching station, as well as station work at Oncor’s existing Texaco Mabee substation, Oncor said, adding that the proposed route will be about 15 miles long.

The estimated cost for the transmission facilities along the proposed route is about $16.4m, and the station work is estimated to cost about $5.3m.

Regarding the need for the proposed project, Oncor said, for instance, that a new 138-kV double-circuit transmission line is needed to support load growth and provide safe and reliable transmission service in the areas of Andrews and Martin counties to be served by the proposed project.

Also, the proposed project will help address load growth due to existing and future high-voltage transmission customers and facilitate reducing the length of distribution feeders serving the area, the company said.

Oncor added that the proposed project will have minimal impact on recreational and park areas, as well as on historical values.

Under ordering paragraphs, the filing noted that Oncor’s application is approved for construction of the proposed project.

Also, in the event that Oncor or its contractors encounter any artifacts or other cultural resources during project construction, work is to cease immediately in the vicinity of the resource and the discovery is to be reported to the Texas Historical Commission.

The order further noted that Oncor is to exercise extreme care to avoid affecting non-targeted vegetation or animal life when using chemical herbicides to control vegetation within the right of way (ROW). Among other things, the filing said that Oncor is to minimize the amount of flora and fauna disturbed during construction of the transmission line, except to the extent necessary to establish appropriate ROW clearance for the line.