Hearing scheduled for next month canceled regarding Dominion Virginia Power’s proposed 230-kV line

A Feb. 25 hearing has been canceled regarding Virginia Electric and Power’s d/b/a Dominion Virginia Power’s proposed Yardley Ridge 230-kV double circuit transmission line loop and 230-kV Yardley Ridge switching station, according to a Jan. 19 ruling of a Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) hearing examiner.

As noted in the ruling, Dominion Virginia Power last May filed with the SCC an application for a certificate of public convenience and necessity for the proposed project.

SCC staff on Oct. 6, 2015, filed a motion to hold filing dates for staff testimony and the company’s rebuttal testimony in abeyance and for expedited treatment. In support of its motion, staff said that another case, Case No. PUE-2015-00053, involved a proposed transmission line – the new 230-kV double circuit Poland Road transmission line – in close potential proximity to the Yardley Ridge project and that staff required additional time to investigate the potential implications of the Poland Road alternatives on the Yardley Ridge project before filing staff testimony.

The hearing examiner added that staff’s motion was granted and the procedural schedule was suspended pending further ruling.

Staff on Oct. 19, 2015, filed a motion for extension of the procedural schedule, proposing revised procedural dates. Staff said that the company and each of the respondents in the matter had authorized staff to represent that they have no objection to the revised procedural schedule requested in the motion for extension, the hearing examiner added, noting that that motion for extension was granted on Oct. 22, 2015.

On Jan. 8, the entities, Brambleton Group and Creighton Road, filed a joint motion to hold filing dates for pre-filed testimony in abeyance and for expedited consideration, requesting that the filing date for pre-filed testimony by respondents be suspended. In support of that motion, counsel for those entities noted that the SCC is considering the application in the instant case as well as the Poland Road proceeding.

Both involve 230-kV lines in the same area of Loudoun County, Va.; an amended route that could potentially contain both the Yardley Ridge and Poland Road line is also being considered, the hearing examiner added.

Counsel further noted that the hearing examiner assigned to the Poland Road case last December entered a ruling staying the procedural schedule in that proceeding pending further ruling of the hearing examiner.

Counsel maintained that because the Yardley Ridge proceeding and the Poland Road proceeding are no longer on parallel tracks, the entities may be prejudiced in their ability to submit pre-filed testimony by the deadline of Jan. 20. The hearing examiner added that SCC staff and the company on Jan. 14 filed responses, stating that they had no objection to the motion.

“I find that the joint motion should be granted,” the hearing examiner said, adding that the entire procedural schedule should be held in abeyance pending further ruling of the hearing examiner.

Dominion Virginia Power is a subsidiary of Dominion Resources (NYSE:D).

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