Basin Electric contracts with Schneider for remote monitoring

Basin Electric – 01/8/16

The asset models will be installed at Basin Electric’s Pioneer Generation Station, Lonesome Creek Station, Culbertson Generation Station, Groton Generation Station and Deer Creek Station.

Basin Electric will be using remote analysis technology to improve reliability and performance at five of the cooperative’s facilities.

Schneider Electric, headquartered in France, is installing more than 150 asset models that will be monitored by computer software to provide early warning that a piece of equipment is heading toward failure.

“This system can detect subtle anomalies, such as step changes in any of the combustion turbine processes, before traditional operational alarms,” said Kevin Tschosik, Basin Electric manager of Distributed Generation. “This should increase both our reliability and availability for the combustion turbine sites and our combined-cycle plant, preventing high repair costs.”

The asset models will be installed at Basin Electric’s Pioneer Generation Station, Lonesome Creek Station, Culbertson Generation Station, Groton Generation Station and Deer Creek Station. The system is targeted for operation by Feb. 1, 2016.