TVA Sequoyah Unit 2 completes refueling outage

Teams at the Tennessee Valley Authority’s Sequoyah Nuclear Plant have safely and successfully completed a planned refueling and maintenance outage on Unit 2 on schedule and under budget. Plant operators will be increasing power over the next several days until the unit is again producing enough reliable, carbon-free electricity to serve 650,000 homes.

In addition to replacing 80 of the unit’s 193 fuel assemblies, detailed inspections of the reactor vessel were conducted to confirm all components continued to meet or exceed all design requirements and were fully able of performing their safety functions. Other major maintenance activities included the inspection and rebuild of a high pressure turbine, replacement of a reactor coolant pump motor and replacement of a main steam safety valve.

“The entire Sequoyah team, supported by more than 700 supplemental contract workers, successfully completed approximately 10,000 activities while working more than 138,000 man-hours,” said Chris Schwarz, Sequoyah site vice president. “Their efforts will ensure that the Sequoyah plant can continue to safely and reliably serve the people of the Valley.”

Sequoyah Unit 2 is one of six operational TVA nuclear reactors across the Valley, supplying nearly one-third of all electricity used by more than 9 million people. A seventh reactor, Watts Bar Unit 2, recently completed fueling and is preparing to begin a series of tests to ensure operational readiness.