Millstone Power Station Terminates Alert Caused by Fire

An Alert at the Millstone Power Station has been terminated at 2:46 p.m. without any injuries or release of radiation.

The Alert was declared at 11:33 a.m. as the result of a fire in a backup diesel generator for Unit 3. The fire quickly burned out. Millstone fire control personnel responded to the fire. The station did not request offsite assistance.

The company declared an Alert in accordance with normal station procedures.

The fire occurred on the Unit 3 diesel generator while it was being tested after a maintenance outage.  The fire started about 11 a.m. and went out on its own shortly afterward.  Backup diesel generators are used to provide power to the station when normal offsite power is lost.

No injuries were reported and all employees continued to work at the station during the event. 

Millstone Unit 3 continues to operate normally at full power and Millstone Unit 1 remains in its decommissioned state. Unit 2 is off line for a routine refueling outage.

The station is assessing the damage and has begun an investigation into the cause of the fire.

Federal, state and local officials were notified.  An Alert emergency is the next to least serious of four emergency categories in the Nuclear Regulatory Commission’s rating system.

This event resulted in no release of radioactive material beyond those minor releases associated with normal station operations.  These minor releases pose no danger to the public or station workers. The minor releases are below federally approved operating limits, below natural background levels and cannot be detected at the site boundary.

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