PSEG Nuclear begins refueling and maintenance outage at Salem 2

On October 22 at 8:00 pm, control room operators safely took Salem Unit 2 off line to begin its 21st refueling and maintenance outage. Supplemental and in-house personnel will perform nearly 18,000 activities during this outage.

High level major work includes replacing two feedwater heaters, three main power transformers, moisture separator reheater shell relief valves, and several controllers. Upgrades include the main generator digital voltage regulator upgrade, main turbine lube oil service water control valves, and service water bay supports. Several various valves, relays, actuators, and seals will be inspected. Additionally one third of 193 fuel assemblies will be replaced with new fuel assemblies in the reactor core.

The length of the outage cannot be provided. The unit is on an 18 month refueling cycle.

The unit has a net generation of 1175 megawatts electric. Salem Unit 1 and the neighboring Hope Creek plant are currently operating at full power. Together, the three units comprise the second largest commercial nuclear power generating facility in the United States.