NRC again ranks well as federal workplace

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission remains a top place to work in the federal government according to the results from the 2015 Federal Employee Viewpoint survey, exceeding government-wide results in a number of key areas.

“The NRC continues to be a great place to work, even in these challenging times,” said NRC Chairman Stephen G. Burns. “An engaged and satisfied workforce is the NRC’s greatest asset in achieving its mission to protect public health and the environment in regulating the nuclear industry.”

The survey is conducted annually by the U.S. Office of Personnel Management. In government-wide results released Oct. 6, the NRC tied for third among large agencies (800 or more employees) in “global satisfaction” with a 74 percent index score, a 1 percent increase over last year. The government-wide score was 60 percent. The NRC also ranked fifth in overall “employee engagement” with a score of 75 percent, compared to 64 percent government-wide. Global satisfaction measures employees’ job, organizational and pay satisfaction, as well as whether they would recommend their agency to others as a good place to work. Overall employee engagement summarizes the results of several indices in the survey measuring areas agencies can focus on to promote an engaged workforce. The indices combine the results from several specific survey questions to give a broader picture based on positive responses.

Of the seven major indices measured by OPM, the NRC either remained constant or improved by one or two percentage points compared to 2014 results. In addition to engagement and global satisfaction, these indices include a new index measuring diversity and inclusion.

This year the NRC had its highest survey response rate since the survey began in 2002. With 75 percent participation, the data collected from FEVS provides comprehensive and credible feedback that will allow the agency to precisely target specific areas for improvement. The NRC’s participation rate far exceeds the 50 percent government-wide response rate.

The annual survey evaluates the management leadership, employee satisfaction and organizational culture of federal agencies. Specifically, it measures employees’ perception of whether, and to what extent, their organizations have the types of characteristics typically associated with high performing, successful organizations. The NRC encourages employees to participate, as the results of the survey are a key source for obtaining input from staff, continually improving and maintaining an effective workforce.