ALLETE VP and Treasurer Donald Stellmaker to retire at the end of 2015

ALLETE, Inc. (NYSE:ALE) recently announced the planned retirement of ALLETE Vice President and Treasurer Donald W. Stellmaker. As part of an orderly transition, Stellmaker will remain at the company through the end of 2015.

Stellmaker joined ALLETE in 1980 as an electric load forecast analyst for the corporation’s utility division, Minnesota Power. A graduate of the University of Minnesota-Duluth with a Master’s degree in business administration, Stellmaker became a market research analyst at Minnesota Power in 1984 and was named a financial analyst the following year.

He later served as supervisor, manager and director of corporate financial planning at ALLETE as the Duluth-based energy company diversified into telecommunications, water utilities, automotive services and real estate. Stellmaker was appointed treasurer of ALLETE in July of 2004 and was named a vice president of the corporation in 2011.

ALLETE is an energy company headquartered in Duluth, Minn.