Steam generator arrives at Vogtle project

Georgia Power announced today the most recent international delivery to the Vogtle nuclear expansion site near Waynesboro – the two core make-up tanks for Unit 4. The core make-up tanks, each weighing 149 tons, were fabricated and shipped from Italy, arrived through the Port of Savannah and transported to the site via train. Additionally, the 672-ton Unit 4 Steam Generator A recently reached the Vogtle site following a journey from South Korea to the Port of Savannah.    

“The global supply chain in place continues to bring components and equipment safely to the Vogtle expansion site from countries including South Korea, Italy and Japan,” said Buzz Miller, executive vice president of nuclear development for Georgia Power. “In addition to the more than 5,000 construction workers at the site, the diligence of workers at the Port of Savannah and all along the route in ensuring safe and proper handling of this equipment is helping drive the success of this historic project.” 

Since May 2014, the Port of Savannah has processed more than 24,800 tons of equipment and components for Vogtle Units 3 and 4. Just as the Vogtle nuclear expansion will meet the energy needs of a growing Georgia for more than 60 years, the Port of Savannah is helping meet the international logistics needs of the project. In fact, the Georgia Ports Authority recently announced that its Fiscal Year 2015 was a record year for the amount of cargo moving through the state’s ports.

The expansion at Plant Vogtle is part of Georgia Power’s long-term, strategic plan for providing safe, clean, reliable and affordable energy for Georgians well into the future. Once units 3 and 4 join the existing two Vogtle units already in operation, Plant Vogtle is expected to generate more electricity than any U.S. nuclear facility, enough to power more than one million homes and businesses.

Southern Nuclear, a subsidiary of Southern Company, is overseeing construction and will operate the two new 1,100-megawatt AP1000 units for Georgia Power and co-owners Oglethorpe Power Corporation, the Municipal Electric Authority of Georgia and Dalton Utilities. Georgia Power owns 45.7 percent of the new units.