Robinson Power advances its 651-MW gas project in Pennsylvania at PJM

Robinson Power Co. LLC has submitted a “Form of Generation Interconnection Impact Study Agreement” to PJM that identifies its plan to construct a combined cycle natural gas-fired facility with a total capability of 651 MW (651 MW capacity) in Washington County, Pa., said PJM Interconnection in a project study dated June 2015.

Notable is that last decade, this was originally planned as a fluidized-bed combustion power plant using waste coal from a massive coal pile at the site as fuel. But plans changed as coal-fired power projects fell out of favor. It is called the Beech Hollow project.

This System Impact Study Report provides the documentation of an assessment that has been performed by PJM and FirstEnergy Service Co. on behalf of transmission owner West Penn Power (WPP) in response to a request made by Robinson Power for the connection of a 651-MW facility at the proposed Candor 138-kV Switching Station. Robinson Power has proposed a commercial operation date of June 2018.

The primary point of interconnection for the project will be accomplished by building a new 138-kV ring bus. The point of interonnection (POI) is along the Smith–North Fayette 138-kV line in Washington County.

Said the study about this project, which is under queue #Z2-064: “The Z2-064 combined cycle natural gas fueled facility consists of two combustion turbine generators and one steam turbine generator. The Z2-064 combustion turbines will be connected to the POI via two 180 MVA 138/18.0 kV generator step up (GSU) transformers. The steam turbine generator is connected to the POI via a 270 MVA 138/20.0 kV GSU transformer. The Z2-064 POI will be the new Candor 138 kV breaker and a half substation.”

This study is a mid-point in a PJM queue process that culminates with the working out of an Interconnection Service Agreement.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Feb. 20 granted Robinson Power a waiver related to the PJM auction process. Robinson Power on Jan. 30 had petitioned FERC for a limited, one-time waiver of the Competitive Entry Exemption deadlines in PJM’s Open Access Transmission Tariff. Robinson Power sought this waiver to allow it to request a Competitive Entry Exemption from the Minimum Offer Price Rule (MOPR) for the new combined-cycle, gas-fired generation plant it is developing in Washington County, Pa.

The deadline for submitting a request for a Competitive Entry Exemption to the Office of the Interconnection and the PJM Market Monitoring Unit (MMU) for the 2018/2019 Base Residual Auction (BRA) was Dec. 27, 2014. Robinson Power requested that the commission grant expedited action for this petition for limited waiver by Feb. 20 so that it may submit its Competitive Entry Exemption no later than Feb. 27. Expedited action on this petition is warranted in order to provide the Office of the Interconnection and the MMU with sufficient time to consider Robinson Power’s request for a Competitive Entry Exemption in time for the 2018/2019 BRA, which begins on May 11.

Robinson Power said it acted diligently and in good faith to promptly request a waiver once it determined that its project could achieve an in-service date in time for the 2018/2019 delivery year.

The company’s project will use the Siemens SCC6-5000F 2X1 Flex-Plant Integrated Combined Cycle design comprised of two Siemens Gas SGT6-5000F turbines. The project includes an advanced design heat recovery steam generator suitable for fast starting and daily cycling as needed and an air-cooled condenser to minimize cooling water requirements, which will minimize waste water discharge.

Said the Feb. 20 FERC approval: “We find that good cause exists to grant Robinson Power’s unopposed request for waiver. Robinson Power maintains that it failed to meet the deadline due to a good faith belief that it needed to be confident that its unit would be constructed and in-service prior to the Delivery Year for which it sought to participate in the Base Residual Auction. We find that, while this is an incorrect reading of the Tariff, Robinson Power acted in good faith. Thereafter, Robinson Power has promptly sought a waiver to allow it to apply for a Competitive Entry Exemption for its Project. Second, we find that the requested waiver is a one-time waiver and is limited in scope, in that it is limited solely to the procedural deadlines for one auction and the waiver will apply only to Robinson Power’s own request for a Competitive Entry Exemption for the Project. Third, we find that the waiver will remedy a concrete problem and enable Robinson Power to seek a MOPR exemption in time to allow the Project’s capacity to enter into the Base Residual Auction. Fourth, we find that granting the requested waiver will not lead to undesirable consequences for PJM or any third parties. In addition, according to Robinson Power, it discussed this petition for waiver with the MMU prior to filing; moreover, no parties opposed the request.”

A project contact is: Raymond J. Bologna, Robinson Power Co. LLC, Project Development Lead, PO Box 127, Burgettstown, PA 15021, Telephone (724) 947-0742, Fax (724) 947-1968,

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