FERC reviews Kaiser-Frontier gas pipeline project in Wyoming

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission in a May 13 notice laid out the schedule for its review of a Dec. 5, 2014, application from Kaiser-Frontier Midstream LLC for a Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity to construct and operate certain natural gas pipeline facilities in Wyoming.

The proposed project is known as the Silo Pipeline Project and would allow for increasing volumes of natural gas produced from the Silo oil and gas field to be used for gas-fired electric generation at a Cheyenne Light, Fuel & Power (CLF&P) power plant in Laramie County, Wyoming, and would also supply natural gas to the interstate pipeline system that would otherwise be flared at the wellhead.

On Dec. 17, 2014, FERC issued its Notice of Application for the project. Among other things, that notice alerted agencies issuing federal authorizations of the requirement to complete all necessary reviews and to reach a final decision on a request for a federal authorization within 90 days of the date of issuance of the Commission staff’s Environmental Assessment (EA) for the project. The May 13 notice identifies the FERC staff’s planned schedule for the completion of the EA for the project.

  • The issuance of the EA is due on June 19; and
  • the 90-day federal authorization decision deadline is Sept. 17.

If a schedule change becomes necessary, additional notice will be provided so that the relevant agencies are kept informed of the project’s progress.

The Silo Pipeline Project would consist of:

  • 6.8 miles of 6-inch-diameter pipeline (Northern Segment);
  • 14.5 miles of 8-inch-diameter pipeline (Southern Segment);
  • a 6-inch-diameter pig launcher;
  • a 8-inch-diameter pig launcher/receiver; and
  • three mainline valves.

Additionally, Kaiser-Frontier is requesting commission approval to convert 9.9 miles of existing 6-inch-diameter intrastate pipeline facilities, known as the Middle Segment, for continued operation as interstate facilities.

Noted the application: “A 4-inch diameter non-jurisdictional, intrastate pipeline owned and operated by Kaiser-Frontier runs south for approximately 10.5 miles, to deliver processed gas from the Silo Field to CLF&P, Cheyenne, Wyoming’s local natural gas distribution company. In 2013, as Kaiser-Francis’ production from the field increased beyond CLF&P’s needs at that location, Kaiser-Frontier entered into a contract to supply additional gas to CLF&P at a location south/southwest of the original delivery point. Kaiser-Frontier understands that the gas taken by CLF&P at that location will be used for local gas distribution and to provide fuel for a new gas fired electric generation facility that has been built there by an affiliate of CLF&P. In order to deliver gas to that location, Kaiser-Frontier extended the existing 4-inch line by installing a 9.9 mile 6-inch diameter intrastate line running from a point approximately 3.3 miles upstream of the terminus of the 4-inch line to the new delivery point. That extension, hereinafter referred to as the ‘Middle Segment’, was completed in early September, 2014 and is now in service. As part of that project, Kaiser-Frontier also upgraded and modernized the Silo processing facilities to enable them to process greater volumes more efficiently. The new facilities have recently been completed and placed into service. The processing facilities are referred to herein as the Silo Plant.

“It has now become apparent that Kaiser-Francis’ production from the Silo Field will continue to increase beyond the needs of CLF&P at both of its delivery points. Accordingly, Kaiser-Frontier is now proposing to further extend the pipeline southward by installing an additional 14.5 miles of 8-inch diameter line (the ‘Southern Segment’) from the terminus of the Middle Segment to an interconnection with [Wyoming Interstate Co.] at the Cheyenne Hub in Weld County, Colorado. Kaiser-Frontier will also replace a portion of the original 4-inch diameter segment of the line with a new 6.8 mile 6-inch diameter line (the ‘Northern Segment’). The Northern Segment will begin at the outlet of the Silo Plant and will connect with the Middle Segment at the point where the existing 4-inch line now interconnects with the Middle Segment. The Northern Segment will parallel the existing 4-inch line, but will be located about one mile to the west for most of its route. Together, the new Northern and Southern Segments, and the existing Middle Segment, will constitute the Silo Pipeline.”

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