FERC accepts interconnect deal for Mattawoman Energy gas project

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on May 7 accepted PJM Interconnection‘s March 18 filing of an executed nonconforming interconnection service agreement (ISA) among PJM, Mattawoman Energy LLC and transmission owner Potomac Electric Power.

This ISA facilitates the interconnection to the PJM transmission system the 894-MW Mattawoman Energy project, located on Brandywine Road in Prince George’s County, Maryland. “The generating facility consists of a natural gas fueled combined cycle arranged in a two combustion turbine and one steam turbine configuration, with capacity interconnection rights of 744 MW, and incremental auction revenue rights in quantities to be determined pursuant to the timeframes and procedures set forth in Section 231 of the PJM Tariff,” FERC noted.

Under this ISA, on or before May 1, 2018, Mattawoman Energy must demonstrate commercial operation of all generating units.

In the meantime, the Maryland Public Service Commission is aiming for a decision in September of this year on this project, which has been under review at the commission since July 2013. It has scheduled a July 21-24 evidentiary hearing on the project at the commission’s offices in Baltimore.