Basin Electric readies for trial run in Southwest Power Pool market

Basin Electric – 05/15/15

Is Basin Electric ready to become a transmission-owning member of SPP? That’s being put to the test starting May 18 in what’s called market trials.

“Market trials are a period of time where we actually get to see if we’ve done everything we needed to do,” said Ken Rutter, Basin Electric vice president of Marketing & Asset Management.

During the trials Basin Electric and SPP will be doing deployment testing – can the plants respond to SPP signals; regulation testing – can the plants respond to regulation and ramp rates provided in the market registration; market activity – can marketing submit generation offers, demand bids, virtual transactions, etc. to SPP and receive awards back; settle – can the back office receive and tie out settlement information from SPP; and transmit/relay – can Basin Electric send/receive data from the portal.

“All of our work and planning up to this point has been preparation for the market trials,” Rutter said. Once they’re complete, SPP will have a go/no go decision by July 31 if Basin Electric will become a transmission-owning member on Oct. 1.

During the week of May 11, marketing staff have been busy submitting demand bids, which are market participant proposals associated with a physical load to purchase a fixed or price-sensitive amount of energy at a specified location and period of time in the day-ahead market. “We’ve been working to successfully submit demand bids for all 64 units. We did a walk-through of several key attributes for the units and they look good,” Rutter said.

Market trials start May 18 and will run until July 17.