NWS launches ‘spring safety campaign’

The National Weather Service is launching a ‘spring safety campaign’ to remind people that the season can often bring flooding and other risks. “Though much of the nation is still under a deep freeze, more typical spring weather is on the horizon, and with it the threat of severe weather, flooding and other hazards,” the NWS said.

As for the daily weather forecast, Southern California might be the place to be on Tuesday, March 3 in order to avoid cold, snow or rain in many other parts of the nation.

New York is expecting up to two inches of snow with a high around 33 degrees F. Boston should see a high of 29 degrees with increasing clouds and a wintry mix during the night. The Chicago forecast calls for a mixture of snow and sleet with a high of 37 degrees. Denver is expecting up to two inches of snow with a high of 30 degrees and wind gusts of up to 21 miles per hour. Tulsa could see a high of 56 degrees with rain. Los Angeles expects to have sunny skies and a high around 65 degrees.