Monthly Project Review January 2015

Major Alberta transmission line energized in January

Two projects were completed in January, including AltaLink Management’s nearly $1.6bn, 215-mile, 500-kV Western Alberta Transmission Line, which was energized and put into service at the end of last month.

That project included the addition of two DC/AC converter stations and was built to address the growing electricity demand.

Dominion Resources (NYSE:DOM) energized its Dooms to Bremo Rebuild Project at the end of January as well. The 45-mile, 230-kV project involved reconductoring the existing line to ensure continued reliability in the region. The project’s final cost was approximately $69m.

Three new projects were announced in January. For instance, NextEra Energy Resources submitted a proposal for the planned Jackson-Fuller to Golden West project in Colorado. The new 29-mile, 230-kV transmission line would interconnect the Golden West Wind Energy Project, which is under development. The transmission project has an initial cost estimate of $30m, and an in-service date of late 2015. NextEra Energy Resources is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy (NYSE:NEE).

Entergy Gulf States Louisiana, a subsidiary of Entergy (NYSE:ETR), announced its planned Lake Charles Transmission Project. The new 25-mile, 500-kV transmission line will improve reliability in the Lake Charles region of Louisiana. The project has an estimated cost of $187m, and is expected to be completed by the end of 2015.

Ameren Illinois announced the new Faraday-PPG Transmission Project. The new eight-mile, 138-kV double-circuit transmission line will integrate the Illinois Rivers Project into the grid and ensure reliable generation delivery. American Illinois is a subsidiary of Ameren Corporation(NYSE:AEE).

Various projects saw updates in January. For example, SunZia Transmission received right of way approval from the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) for its SunZia Southwest Transmission Project, which involves a new 514-mile, 500-kV transmission line between New Mexico and Arizona to promote renewable generation. The project has an estimated cost of more than $2bn, and completion date of late 2020.

Jersey Central Power and Light, a subsidiary of FirstEnergy (NYSE:FE), received approval from the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities for its Oceanview Transmission Project, which involves a new 16-mile, 230-kV transmission line at a cost of $64m. The completion date of the project is scheduled for summer 2017.

Clean Line Energy Partners received approval from the Tennessee Regulatory Authority for its planned Plains and Eastern Clean Line Project. The project involves a new 700-mile, 600-kV HVDC transmission line that will run between Oklahoma and Tennessee in order to support additional renewable capacity. The project has an estimated cost of nearly $2bn, with a completion date of late 2018.

Southwestern Public Service Company, a subsidiary of Xcel Energy (NYSE:XEL), received approval from the New Mexico Public Regulation Commission for its 40-mile, 230-kV Potash Junction to Roadrunner project. The project has an estimated cost of $52.9m, and is expected to be energized by the end of the year.

Electric Transmission Texas’ Del Sol to JackieHoward project received approval from the Public Utility Commission of Texas. The new 345-kV transmission line will be approximately 10 miles in length and support renewable generation in the region. The project has in-service date of late 2016, and cost estimate of $24.5m.

NextEra Energy Transmission, a subsidiary of NextEra Energy, was selected by the California ISO to sponsor the proposed Suncrest Support Project. The new 230-kV transmission line is needed to provide continuous reactive power response in the region. The project has an estimated cost of $75m, and is expected to be completed by summer 2017.

Pacific Gas and Electric received approval from the California Public Utilities Commission for its Contra Costa to Moraga Reconductoring Project, which involves replacing the existing 27-mile, 230-kV transmission line to ensure grid reliability. The estimated cost of the project is $54m, with an in-service date of summer 2016.

Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association’s Pony Creek Transmission Project also received approval from the Colorado Public Utilities Commission. The 21.5-mile, 230-kV transmission line has an estimated cost of $54.3m, and completion date of late 2017.

The Tennessee Valley Authority revealed its preferred route of the West Batesville to North Oakland project. The preferred route chosen involves a new 20-mile, 161-kV transmission line at a cost of approximately $42m. The estimate completion date of the project is early 2020.