Exelon, Anbaric develop microgrids for New York

Exelon announced today that it is partnering with Anbaric, a leading developer of innovative energy infrastructure projects, to create a series of microgrids in the state of New York.

A microgrid is a localized power system with the ability to self-supply and operate independently of, or in concert with, the main grid to meet the energy needs of multiple entities. Microgrids offer enhanced grid resiliency and flexibility and mitigate the impact of power outages resulting from severe weather or other disruptions.

The collaboration will be dedicated to establishing microgrids ranging from 10 to 200 megawatts at strategic locations throughout the state to secure reliability, reduce costs, and improve the efficiency of the surrounding grid. The microgrids will use state-of-the-art demand efficiency and management technology that equips customers with highly reliable and efficient sources of distributed generation.

The alliance is currently identifying customers for its plans to develop five large microgrids at sites in Long Island, New York City, and upstate New York. Customers could include skyscrapers, hospitals, universities, industrial businesses or municipalities.