Dominion Virginia Power customers set record for electricity use

As a result of record-breaking low temperatures, Dominion Virginia Power’s 2.5 million customers on Friday established an all-time record for electricity usage.

Dominion supplied a peak of 21,651 megawatts of electricity at 8 a.m. Friday, Feb. 20. That is an increase of more than 1,500 megawatts over the previous peak, which was a summer mark of 20,061 megawatts set on July 22, 2011. One megawatt supplies enough electricity at peak for approximately 250 homes.

The previous winter peak of 19,870 megawatts was set on Jan. 8, 2015.

For the 24-hour period on Friday, customers also used a record amount of electricity. During that span, the company delivered 450,432 megawatt hours of electricity. The previous mark of 431,923 megawatt hours was set on Feb.16, 2014.

Dominion (NYSE:D) is one of the nation’s largest producers and transporters of energy, with a portfolio of approximately 24,600 megawatts of generation, 12,400 miles of natural gas transmission, gathering and storage pipeline, and 6,455 miles of electric transmission lines.