Basin Electric is projecting continued load growth out to 2035

In his presentation to the board, Jay Lundstrom, Basin Electric lead load forecast analyst, said the updated forecast shows member requirements will increase between 2,171 megawatts and 2,658 megawatts over the forecast period of 2014-2035. Lundstrom said the load forecast is the main tool for power supply planning, financial forecasting and rate planning.

The weather normalized forecast expects Basin Electric’s overall membership demand to grow between 2.5 percent and 2.9 percent annually. He said the variance includes the Keystone XL pipeline and oil price fluctuation.

“Even with lower oil prices, growth in the oil-related and pipeline sectors are driving the majority of the power supply needs,” Lundstrom said. “However, other sectors are returning to their normal growth patterns.”

Basin Electric’s load forecast is completed as required by the Rural Utilities Service (RUS), and with board approval the forecast has been sent to RUS for approval.