Monthly Project Review December 2014

Three electric transmission projects where completed last December, including San Diego Gas and Electric’s (SDG&E) $435m East County to Boulevard transmission line, which involves 14 miles of new above ground and below ground 138-kV transmission line, a new substation and modifications to the existing infrastructure in the region.

SDG&E is a subsidiary of Sempra Energy (NYSE:SRE).

Also, Connecticut Light and Power (CL&P) completed its $47m Stamford Reliability Cable Project, which is a new 1.5-mile, 115-kV underground transmission line that runs between the Glenbrook and South End substations and was built to improve grid reliability in the region.

CL&P is a subsidiary of Northeast Utilities (NYSE:NU).

In mid-December 2014, ITC Holdings (NYSE:ITC) energized its Great Plains (Kansas V-Plan) project. The $300m, 122-mile, 345-kV line originates at the Spearville substation and terminates at the Thistle substation. The project was built to improve grid reliability in western Kansas as well as enable greater renewable capacity to tap into the grid.

Five new projects were announced last month, including the Maine Green Line between Maine and Massachusetts. National Grid USA, a subsidiary of National Grid plc, along with Anbaric revealed plans to construct that HVDC line, which will be rated at 320-kV at a length of approximately 300 miles underwater. The $2bn project will allow transfer of Maine wind and Canadian hydroelectric capacity to load centers in Massachusetts. The project is expected to be completed by late 2020.

Sharyland Utilities announced a new Glass to Sale Ranch project in western Texas. The project will involve a new seven-mile, 138-kV line that will accommodate the new load growth from a planned Atlas Pipeline Partners gas processing plant. The project is expected to cost $23.7m, and be completed by summer 2015.

Sam Houston Electric Cooperative has plans to build a new nine-mile, 138-kV transmission line in eastern Texas. Known as the Luce Bayou Line, the new project will provide redundant service for the proposed Capers Ridge pump station in Liberty County, Texas. The project is estimated to cost $19.5m, with an in-service date of late 2017.

FirstEnergy (NYSE:FE) announced its Oak Mound to Waldo Run project, which will be located near Salem, W.Va. The 18-mile, 138-kV transmission line will support natural gas development and enhance reliability in the region. The project is estimated to cost $55m and be energized by late 2015.

Brazos Electric Power Cooperative announced the new Parvin Transmission Project in Denton County, Texas. The 11.7-mile, 138-kV transmission line will serve the growing electricity demand in the region and has an early estimated cost of $39m. The project is expected to be completed by the end of 2017.

Finally, six projects saw significant changes in December. For instance, FERC approved Minnesota Power’s Great Northern Transmission Line project construction agreement. The multi-value project involves a new 220-mile, 500-kV transmission line from the Manitoba-Minnesota border to the existing Blackberry substation. The project has an estimated cost of $710m, with an in-service date of mid-2020.

The Blumenthal to Kendall-Mountain Top 138-kV Transmission Line Project, sponsored by the Lower Colorado River Authority, was given a preferred route recommendation by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The preferred route would be 10.9 miles long and cost approximately $24.5m, as opposed to the alterative 17-mile option that would cost $40.1m. The project is being built to improve reliability in the region and is expected to be completed in 2018.

NV Energy received approval from the California ISO for its planned Centennial II (Harry Allen – Eldorado) project. The 60-mile, 500-kV transmission project has an estimated cost of $182m, and expected completion date of late 2024. NV Energy is a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway Energy.

Dominion Virginia Power, a subsidiary of Dominion Resources (NYSE:D), received approval from the Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) for its Cunningham–Elmont 500-kV Transmission Line Rebuild project. The 51-mile, 500-kV project involves replacing the existing Cunningham–Elmont line to ensure continued reliability in the region. The $106.1m project is expected to be completed by summer 2018.

Electric Transmission Texas received recommended approval of its project application from staff of the Public Utility Commission of Texas related to the company’s planned Del Sol to JackieHoward project in South Texas. The 10-mile, 345-kV project will accommodate the planned renewable capacity additions in the region. The project has an estimated cost of $24.5m, and completion date of late 2016.

FirstEnergy received approval from the Virginia SCC for its Millville to Old Chapel project between West Virginia and Virginia. The project involves replacing nearly 14.4 miles of 138-kV transmission line. The $17.28m project has an in-service date of late 2016.