Basin Electric Power Cooperative makes organizational changes

Basin Electric Power Cooperative – January 9, 2015

Paul Sukut, Basin Electric CEO and general manager, announced organizational structure changes Jan. 5.

“Over the past year, I have had the chance to more closely observe the operations of the entire Basin Electric organization,” Sukut said. “With the numerous projects that we have undertaken, coupled with retirements in numerous areas, we are in an evolution of change.”

The changes were made effective Jan. 5, and are as follows:

Office of the General Counsel: Mark Foss, general counsel for Dakota Gasification Company, will become assistant general counsel for Basin Electric Jan. 12. Upon Basin Electric Senior Vice President and General Counsel Claire Olson’s retirement, Foss will become senior vice president and general counsel.

Engineering and Construction: The environmental services and right of way functions will be transferred to Engineering and Construction. The cybersecurity function, currently residing in Engineering and Construction, will be transferred to IS&T, aggregating cybersecurity to one location so it can function in a more efficient manner.

Human Resources: Human Resources will be transferred to Communications and Administration.

Marketing and Asset Management: The Dakota Gas marketing group will be transferred to Marketing and Asset Management, aggregating all marketing functions and commodity pricing risk in one group.