Conservative Heartland group reacts to N.Y. state fracking ban

The following statements from energy and environment policy experts at The Heartland Institute – a free-market think tank:

“It would be unfortunate if New York follows through on its threat to ban fracking. Much bad and nothing good will come from this ban. Fracking is not a threat to air or water quality and waste disposal can be done so as not to cause seismic activity.

“By banning fracking, New York citizens will forgo a valuable use of their property, and their communities will go without the jobs and economic growth that come with fracking operations. Localities and the state will also miss out on the tax revenues that come from increased payroll taxes, property taxes, and taxes on energy production. The nation, too, will lose a new source of oil and natural gas – which could increase the U.S.’s energy security while lowering energy prices for consumers.

“It is sad that New York’s environment commissioner seems intent on rewarding environmental radicals for lying about the threats posed by fracking. But then, as environment commissioner, I suppose environmental lobbyists are his prime customers. While citizens, local, state, and the federal government will lose by this action, my guess is environmentalists, as a payoff for the commissioner’s action, will be lobbying for a bigger budget and increased power for the commissioner’s agency. Quid pro quo.”

H. Sterling Burnett

Research Fellow, Environment & Energy Policy

The Heartland Institute