CAISO completes Order No. 1000 regional requirements

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission today found California Independent System Operator Corporation (CAISO) has fully complied with the regional requirements of Order No. 1000, and it issued the first orders addressing the interregional transmission coordination and cost allocation requirements of Order No. 1000.

Order No. 1000 requires neighboring transmission planning regions to identify and jointly evaluate interregional transmission facilities, which are facilities located in two or more neighboring transmission planning regions, that may be more efficient or cost-effective solutions to the transmission needs of individual regions. It does not require an interregional transmission plan or interconnection-wide planning.

In one order, FERC conditionally accepted compliance filings by PJM Interconnection and its transmission-owning members and by Midcontinent Independent System Operator Inc. (MISO) and its transmission owners, all subject to further compliance filings. The order also rejected as moot filings by Entergy Services Inc. and Cleco Power because they are now members of MISO. (ER13-1944-000, Agenda Item No. E-2)

Although FERC said the grid operators’ proposed revisions to their existing joint operating agreement (JOA) partially comply with Order No. 1000, it rejected MISO’s proposal to remove from the JOA the cost allocation method for Cross-Border Baseline Reliability Projects. The compliance filings are due within 60 days.

The second interregional order conditionally accepts, subject to further compliance, filings by CAISO and members of the ColumbiaGrid, Northern Tier Transmission Group and WestConnect transmission planning regions. Among the issues to be addressed in the compliance filings, due in 60 days, is common tariff language to revise and incorporate CAISO’s method for determining the regional benefits of a proposed interregional transmission facility. (ER13-1447-000, Agenda Item No. E-1)

The order also grants in part, subject to modifications also due in 60 days, Bonneville Power Administration’s petition for declaratory order seeking a determination that revisions to its open-access transmission tariff (OATT) substantially conform or are superior to the pro forma OATT as modified by Order No. 1000.

Finally, with today’s order on its regional compliance plan, CAISO becomes the first region to fully comply with the regional requirements of Order No. 1000. In addition to approving CAISO’s third regional compliance filing, the order denies rehearing of FERC’s March 2014 second compliance order. (ER13-103-004, Agenda Item No. E-16)