FERC wants more data from Dominion on solar QF issue

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission told Virginia Electric and Power on Nov. 25 that more information is needed related to the utility’s Oct. 31 request to terminate its mandatory PURPA purchase obligation for nine solar projects.

The utility wants relief from a requirement to enter into new contracts or obligations to purchase energy and capacity with respect to each of nine 4.99-MW (net) qualifying facilities (QFs) owned by Community Energy Solar LLC located in North Carolina.

FERC wants the names and addresses of all potentially affected QFs in the utility’s service territory, whether those potentially affected QFs are specifically the subject of the Oct. 31 application or not, and including those whose net capacity is greater than 20 MW, and those whose net capacity is 20 MW and smaller (including the Community Energy QFs). FERC wants the utility to describe in detail the process and procedures it followed to gather all the information required by the regulations for each potentially affected QF in each of the areas served by the utility.

A response to this letter must be filed within 30 days of Nov. 25.

This Dominion Resources (NYSE: D) subsidiary said in its Oct. 31 petition: “Each of the Community Energy QFs is under 20 MWs, under development, and is undergoing the studies necessary to interconnect with Dominion Virginia Power’s distribution system. This application seeks termination of the purchase obligation under PURPA for each of the Community Energy QFs separately, and does not seek a blanket waiver of Dominion Virginia Power’s QF purchase obligation.

“In support of its application, Dominion Virginia Power demonstrates that (1) each of the Community Energy QFs is an affiliate of Community Energy, Inc., a sophisticated market participant that has significant experience with the PJM Interconnection LLC (‘PJM’) markets; (2) each of the Community Energy QFs has nondiscriminatory access to the wholesale markets of PJM; and (3) there are no operational constraints, transmission, distribution, or interconnection issues that would prevent any of the Community Energy QFs from participating in the PJM markets.”