AREVA sees busy nuclear outage season

AREVA Inc.’s dedicated entity for non-destructive examinations (NDE), NDE Solutions, has successfully completed a record number of nuclear reactor inspections during the 2014 spring outage season in the United States, the company said July 10.

The scope of work included nine steam generator eddy-current outages, seven reactor vessel head inspections, three reactor vessel examinations and three integrated NDE outages related to managing aging materials. These inspections, which certified the safety of the components, were all completed safely, on budget and on schedule.

“This spring outage season marks an important milestone for AREVA Inc.’s expanding NDE activity in the U.S. market,” said Rob Smith, vice president of NDE Solutions. “By completing these inspections on time, we were able to assist our customers in restarting reactor operations sooner.”

NDE certify the integrity of nuclear reactor components to ensure safe, long-term reactor operation. AREVA Inc.’s NDE Solutions provides high-quality inspection services and technologies to help customers worldwide meet the stringent and highly regulated criteria for NDE.