Main control room at Westinghouse’s AP1000 nuclear power plant in China operational

Westinghouse Electric Co. has announced the Unit 1 main control room at its nuclear power plant under construction in Sanmen, China has been declared operational by Sanmen Nuclear Power Co. Ltd. and State Nuclear Power Technology Corp.

The announcement completes a significant milestone for the plant, which is the world’s first AP100 nuclear facility. AP 1000 units are also being built in the United States in Georgia and South Carolina.

Reaching the milestone required integration and testing of several key instrumentation and control systems to ensure key plant functions could be monitored and controlled from the main control room, including the plant control system; data and display system; and the operations and control system.

Once the systems were integrated, the plant’s digital control system completed multiple commissioning activities, including the commissioning of the 220 volt and 10 kilovolt electrical systems; service and instrument air; and demineralized water system.

Westinghouse delivered all the instrumentation and control systems and provided design documentation, engineering services and mechanical equipment in support of the milestone event.