Virginia SCC approves Dominion Virginia Power’s proposed relocation of section of 230-kV line

The Virginia State Corporation Commission (SCC) on Dec. 9 issued a final order approving Virginia Electric and Power d/b/a Dominion Virginia Power’s proposal to relocate an approximately 0.8-mile segment of an existing 230-kV line in Loudoun County, Va.

According to the order, on Jan. 17, Dominion Virginia Power filed with the SCC an application for approval and certification of electric transmission facilities to relocate the approximately 0.8-mile segment of its existing 230-kV Brambleton-Beaumeade Line #2095.

Dominion Virginia Power’s customer, DuPont Fabros Development, requested the line relocation.

“We find that the company’s proposed relocation project is needed,” the SCC added. “The company introduced testimony and exhibits demonstrating that the relocation project is needed to allow its customer DuPont Fabros to develop its property, which currently is bisected by the existing facilities.”

The proposed project will promote economic development in Virginia by allowing DuPont Fabros to develop its property to its fullest potential, the SCC said.

Currently, that segment of the line is located east of the company’s Greenway substation in Loudoun County, the SCC added, noting that the company proposes to remove that segment and replace it with an approximately 1.2-mile segment located south of the existing facilities entirely on the property of DuPont Fabros or property over which Dominion Virginia Power currently holds an easement or other property interest.

The removal of the existing facilities and construction of the relocated facilities affect installation of the company’s new 230-kV BECO-Brambleton Line #2137, the SCC added.

In another case, the SCC authorized the company to, among other things, install conductors for Line #2137 on the currently vacant side of the existing facilities. In conjunction with the relocation project, the company proposes to install the approved Line #2137 facilities on the relocated facilities, rather than on the existing facilities.

Dominion Virginia Power proposes to coordinate construction of the facilities proposed in the application with construction of the approved Line #2137 facilities, which are needed so that the company can continue to provide reliable electric service to its customers, the SCC added.

The estimated total cost of the relocation project is about $5.4m, for all transmission work, which DuPont Fabros will pay.

The SCC also noted that the relocation project must be built and in service by May 31, 2016, but the company is granted leave to apply for an extension for good cause shown.

In April, the state Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ) filed a report providing general recommendations for the SCC’s consideration including that the company should reduce solid waste at the source, reuse it and recycle it to the maximum extent practicable and follow DEQ’s recommendations to manage waste, as applicable.

The SCC said that the relocation project will have a minimal impact on scenic assets and historic districts. Also, the SCC said it finds that there are no adverse environmental impacts that would prevent the construction or operation of the proposed project.

The company must comply with all of DEQ’s recommendations, subject to certain exceptions. For instance, Dominion Virginia Power should not be required to evaluate the identified historic and archaeological resources as requested by the state Department of Historic Resources (DHR). However, the SCC added, in the unlikely event that the impact to those identified sources is later deemed unavoidable, the company will coordinate with DHR in advance of any such impacts in order to subject the sites to additional evaluation and reasonably minimize disturbance.

Dominion Virginia Power is a subsidiary of Dominion Resources (NYSE:D).

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